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Is an Open Concept Floor Plan Right for You?


In today’s world, most home buyers are searching for properties with open concept floor plans because an open concept floor plan can make even the smallest property feel big but is this type of floor plan right for you?


Pros & Cons

Yes, an open concept floor plan may make a small house feel big but what are some of the other benefits that come from choosing this type of floor plan?

Accessibility – Living in a home with an open concept floor plan means that every room in the home is easily accessible for anyone including people who use wheelchairs.

The line of sight – Another huge benefit of an open concept floor plan is that everything in the home is always in your line of sight so you won’t miss what’s happening, especially if you have children. 😊

Better natural light – With fewer walls you will also have better natural light throughout the year along with better resale value if you decide to sell your home in the future.

Some of the cons include the fact that with fewer walls you may hear certain sounds easier throughout your home and smell certain smells that can travel faster without walls.

Open concept floor plans can also come with potentially high energy costs especially if the home isn’t properly insulated.

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