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How Long Does A Seller Have to Review Your Offer?


If you plan on buying a home in California one the questions that you're going to have as a home buyer is how long does a seller have to review your offer?

72 Hours

The answer to this question is 3 days, or 72 hours. This is the common time frame that every seller in the state of California has to review an offer but, depending upon the situation, you may be able to ask your realtor to stipulate that the seller only has 24 hours to review your offer.

In the case of the current California real estate market which we would consider being a buyer's market, it's advisable that every buyer give the seller no less than 24 hours to review their offer and respond to it.

Giving the seller 24 hours to respond to your offer is a smart decision to make because the last thing that you want to do is to have your offer sit for up to three days and potentially be forgotten about as a seller receives multiple offers from other buyers.

One of the biggest mistakes that we've seen buyers make over the years has been including too many contingencies with their offer. When a seller sees that an offer has a wide variety of contingencies, they may be less inclined to accept the offer and they may turn their attention to offers with fewer contingencies.

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