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Timeline For Selling A House: What To Expect During The Process

For the past 2 plus years, the housing market has been moving at breakneck speed. The pace and price of real estate are a boon to sellers, whose homes occasionally inspire bidding wars or appraisal guarantees that put extra cash in their pockets.

In other words, it’s a seller’s market. If you want to maximize your profit and get into a new home quickly, having a game plan can help you navigate the process efficiently. The following guide is a timeline for selling a house and can help you streamline your home sale and receive top dollar for your property.

What Is The Typical Timeline For Selling A House?

According to an October 2021 report from the National Association of REALTORS®, the timeline for selling a house is 18 days on average. That said, your specific location and property type can impact this timeframe.

For example, in the fastest-selling ZIP codes in America in 2021, houses often sold in less than a week. The following were the top 10 cities for selling homes as quickly as possible in 2021, measured in median days:

  • Peabody, Massachusetts: 3 days
  • Colorado Springs, Colorado: 4 days
  • Manchester, New Hampshire: 5 days
  • Brentwood, North Carolina: 5 days
  • Lincoln Village, Ohio: 5 days
  • Franklin, Tennessee: 5 days
  • Milford, Massachusetts: 6 days
  • West Irondequoit, New York: 6 days
  • Farmington, Michigan: 8 days
  • Concord, New Hampshire: 9 days

Although it only takes an average of 18 days to find a buyer, closing takes additional time afterward. Closing will likely take about 30 – 45 from when you accept an offer, bringing the total to about 2 months from listing to closing day.

Timeline Of Selling A House: 3 Months Before Listing

Each stage in the home sale timeline looks different. Selling your home doesn’t happen overnight, and homeowners 3 months out from putting their house on the market can do the following.

Decide If It’s The Right Time To Sell

It’s recommended that homeowners be sure they want to sell and feel confident in their decision. Overall, America is still experiencing a seller’s market for real estate. As a result, prices and demand are high, meaning rapid movement and favorable profits for homeowners.

However, it’s a good idea for homeowners to understand their local market. As in the list above, your region might be even more competitive than the general market. Conversely, there may be tons of homes for sale in your town, curbing the otherwise high demand that has characterized the market for the past 2 years.

Reach Out To Your Real Estate Agent

Once you determine it’s a good time to sell, keep the ball rolling by contacting a real estate agent. Although a real estate agent will receive a commission from the home sale, reducing your profit, it’s usually well worth the cost. Working with an experienced agent familiar with your area is crucial to selling your home as quickly as possible.

Your agent will put your home on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), allowing buyers to view your home online. The MLS will get your house in front of as many eyes as possible. Additionally, your agent can potentially represent you for selling your current home and buying another one. Working with one professional in for both selling and buying can help streamline the process.

Because the real estate agent is a vital piece of the puzzle, be thorough when deciding who to work with. Recommendations from family or friends, real estate agents selling other homes in your neighborhood or agents you’ve worked with in the past are all excellent places to start. When interviewing a potential agent, you should get the sense that the agent is communicative, skilled and confident about selling your home.

Determine Where Your Next Home Will Be

Having your next home lined up is critical to being able to sell your home. So, if you want to sell your house, you’ll want to start searching for a new one without delay. It’s a good idea to look at various neighborhoods where you may want to live and consider whether relocating to a different state might be an option.


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